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Alright you lucky ladies, so you’ve got the ring, the man, the date, and the dress, but have you got the right dainties for underneath it all? The perfect underpinnings are the best complement to the perfect dress. Afterall, you don’t want a visible strap or bunchy briefs interfering with your special day.

Below is a list of popular dress styles complete with descriptions and links to the most appropriate (and fantastic) underthings for each.

Sheath or Body–skimming:

These dresses lay close to the body and are often made of lightweight silky fabrics. To prevent any awkward bumps or discolorations, you should choose a bra and panty that is both smooth and seamless. While there are many pretty options in traditional ivory and white, you should consider ordering a piece from Commando’s line of hi-tech, non-dig panties if your gown is somewhat sheer. These truly invisible, nude wonders are available in both thong and boyshort styles. You’ll be dancing the night away with nary a panty line in sight!

Strapless or Unusual Neckline:

If your dress has a neckline that prevents you from wearing a traditional bra, you may be able to wear a pretty strapless bra. If that’s not possible, modern silicone stick–on alternatives are your best bet. Adhesive bras by brands like Fashion Forms now offer support and cleavage enhancing features.

You may be comfortable wearing even less if your dress already has enough built-in support. Simple nude pasties that cover and protect your nipples are a discreet choice, but if you want to spice it up a little, try a set of Bristols 6 Nippies. These decorative pasties serve two functions: they keep you smooth during the day, and surprise your new hubby at night!

Empire Waisted:

This is a great style that highlights your bust and de–emphasizes your waistline. To play up this shape, you want a supportive bra that works with the top of your dress, strapless or not. If you’re really hoping to slenderize your waist, and your dress is layered or made of a slightly thicker material, a bustier can do wonders. Bustiers often have detachable shoulder and garter straps to accommodate a variety of dress needs.


You have a wonderful array of options for panties if your dress has a full skirt. Why not get a truly unforgettable pair for your wedding day? Whether you prefer briefs or thongs, you will find some beautiful options here. This is also the perfect style to wear with a lacy garter belt and silky stockings.

A–line or Princess Cut:

Somewhat less clingy than a sheath and more body conscious than a full skirted gown, an a–line gown may require a seamless bra or bustier, but gives you more room to play with lacy options on the bottom half.

One quick reminder...

You might think that you have all your vitals covered, but don’t forget your lovely legs. Whether you need stay–up thigh highs or a garter belt and stockings, we’ve got them in stock. Still need something blue? A leg garter might be just the thing. We have a wonderful selection, perfect for throwing or preserving as a keepsake.

On Your Honeymoon

Traditionally, the honeymoon is a holiday taken by the bride and groom to celebrate their marriage in intimacy and seclusion. Because you may be spending a lot of time in your hotel room, it is the perfect opportunity to try out fun lingerie looks that might not have seemed so practical in the past. Stun your husband with visions of his beautiful bride. Show him how lucky he is. It would be a crime to pack those oversize tees and boxers you’re accustomed to sleeping in, so we’ve assembled a dream packing list for you. With any luck (and maybe some well dropped hints), you’ll receive a few of these items for your bridal shower or at your bachelorette party, but don’t be afraid to pick some things out for yourself. You know what will make you look and feel your best.

In your luggage...

  • A beautiful bra set for each day of your trip.
  • A babydoll (the shorter the better) with coordinating panties for a fun and flirty evening.
  • Looking to drop his jaw? Bring a merrywidow and stockings. Men love strappy outfits.
  • Fluffy, high heeled slippers to lift and enhance your assets.
  • Matching pajamas. You may be tired, but you musn’t be a mess.
  • Ordering room service? Be sure you have a lightweight robe on hand to cover up.
  • Nude pasties for under that low cut, slinky top you brought for a night on the town.
  • Sparkly pasties for him and only him.
  • Last but not least, be sure to pack a skimpy bikini… there’s bound to be a hot tub somewhere!

Is yours an extended honeymoon? Don’t forget delicate wash and a lingerie bag to clean and protect all of your dainty little morsels.

Shopping for the Bride

Selecting lingerie as a gift for the bride can be an enjoyable or nerve wracking shopping experience, depending on how well you know her. Customers at our retail store most frequently ask about occasion, style, and size when choosing a present.

The Right Gift

If you are a relative, very close friend, or member of the bridal party, you will often be invited to several events where gifts are given. Keeping each of these gifts distinct and within your budget can be a challenge. It is important to remember that the bridal or lingerie shower gift should be the most significant, while the bachelorette gift is expected to be more humorous or fun (and also less expensive) in nature. For a bachelorette party, you can bring a fun couples game or a naughty, sparkly outfit. The goal is to give the bride something sexy she doesn’t already have, and may not be courageous enough to buy for herself. For the bridal shower, a pretty chemise or long gown makes an appropriate gift. Choose something soft and beautiful in a color that flatters the bride. You are not obligated to stick to white or ivory shades. While white and ivory are perfect for the wedding night, they are not the only colors she’ll want to wear.

The Right Style

To address questions of taste, we’ve assembled a short list of designers to suit different styles. By no means should you consider these your only options, but instead refer to them for guidance and inspiration.

  • Traditional brides will appreciate gifts of satin and lace fashioned into classic styles. Lines like Vera Wang, Jonquil, Mary Green, and Malizia by La Perla are sure to delight.
  • If the bride is a little bit of a fashionista, she may have a taste for lingerie in fun colors and unique shapes. Surprise her with the latest designs by Badgley Mischka, Blush, Carol Malony, and Wendy Glez.
  • Brides with more relaxed or low-key styles won’t want to bother with anything too constricting or difficult to care for. We recommend cute and comfortable sets by Honeydew, Love Tanjane, and Yemee.

The Right Size

Sometimes choosing the correct size can be the most difficult part of the shopping process. If you know the bride’s bra and panty sizes, you’re in luck! If not, don’t panic. Try calling the bride’s mother, best friend, or fiance for help. As long as you know a dress or pant size, you’ll probably be able to guess whether she’s a small, medium, or large. Babydolls and chemises are usually sized this way, as are other sleepwear items. A matching pajama or camisole set is always a welcome surprise — brides often don’t have the time or money to select such necessary items for themselves.

One word of caution, if you’re worried that you might offend the bride with your size choice, always err on the small side. Keep in mind that some brands, like Hanky Panky and Vera Wang, size a little more generously than others. Or avoid the issue of size altogether by putting together a romantic gift basket. Remember, almost any gift you buy from A Tropical Affair is completely returnable. Now that wasn’t too painful, was it?

Have a unique dress situation? Or a tricky, picky bride to shop for? Contact us at customercontact@atropicalaffair.com for personal attention.

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