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Lingerie Guide


A short, flared nightie often just long enough to cover your tush. Often styled with an empire waist, a babydoll draws attention to your breasts and away from your stomach.



The top of a bustier usually resembles a structured bra, while the rest of the garment is reminiscent of a corset. Bustiers are often fastened in the front or back by a zipper or series of hooks and eyes, and have light boning or other structural panels that gently shape your waist. Some bustiers will have deatachable shoulder straps. If a bustier is longer in length and covers the hips, it will sometimes be referred to as a basque.



A more feminine version of the basic tank, a camisole is a thin top that can be worn as a layering piece or on its own. Camisoles are usually made of soft fabric, perfect for wearing against your skin. Some versions may even have a built–in bra for light support.



The terms “chemette” or "camidoll"  identify a pretty little thing that’s longer than a camisole, but too short to be a chemise. Chemettes can be very versatile, often able to be worn as both outerwear and sleepwear.



Perfect for any number of situations, including making breakfast (or lounging around waiting to be served breakfast), a chemise is a short, gown, often somewhere between mid-thigh and knee length. Chemises can be conservative and opaque or seductive and sheer (or some combination of the two). Because chemise are usually sized small, medium, or large and offer such a variety of coverage, they make fantastic gifts.



A more intense cousin of the bustier, a corset will noticeably cinch your waist and trim the rest of your upper torso by virtue of some serious boning, hook and eye fasteners, and, of course, lacing. Often strapless, corsets cover the bust but -  unlike bustiers - do not have bra style cups.


Garter Belt:

Made for the express purpose of holding up stockings, garter belts circle your waist or hips and have four or more suspender straps dangling down to fasten to the tops of your stockings. Garter belts come in a wide variety of materials and sizes to accomodate many shapes and preferences.



A bustier with garter suspenders for holding up a pair of stockings is called a merrywidow. Oftentimes the garter suspenders will be detachable, adding versatility  to your lingerie wardrobe.



Pasties are, simply put, nipple covers. There are subtle nude pasties that you can wear under tops to prevent nipple show through. And there pasties covered in sequins and tassles that are much less subtle and intended for entertainment purposes, at home or otherwise.



A teddy is a single piece of lingerie that combines both a top and a bottom, much like a one-piece swimsuit. The amount of coverage provided by a teddy can vary  from thong to brief, sheer to opaque, triangle to underwire.


Waist Cincher:

Similar to a corset, a waist cincher does exactly as it’s name implies — cinches! — with boning and hook and eye or lace–up fastenings. It covers the waist only, leaving the bust bare.  For the more adventurous, waist cinchers offer the perfect dramatic complement to a nice pair of panties and some fabulous, decorative pasties. You can also wear one over a simple blouse or tank to accentuate your tiny waist.


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