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How To Care For Delicate Little Things

Lingerie and swimwear must be washed separately from other clothing. Unless the garment’s tag reads ‘Dry Clean Only’, we recommend you handwash everything.  Using the suggested amount of the gentlest laundry detergent you have (we suggest our own lavender scented A Tropical Affair Lingerie Wash), fill the sink with cool water and soak the items you’re washing for about 15 minutes, gently agitating them with your hands about halfway through. Drain and rinse your dainties in cold water, allowing the excess water to drip off, and hang to dry. We do not recommend standard laundry detergents; they are much too harsh and will degrade both lace and elastic.

Your most delicate underthings, particularly bras, are no match for the rough agitation of the washing machine. No one enjoys a crinkled cup or popped out underwire, but if you simply cannot handwash and feel you must use the washer, please fasten your bras and put them into individual bra protectors or put everything into a lingerie bag before adding them to the delicate cycle. Using a lingerie bag will not fully protect your bras, but it will help prevent the bra back from being pulled and stretched and the underwires from twisting. We will absolutely refuse the return of any lingerie or swimwear that has been put into the washing machine.

Under no circumstances should you put lingerie or swimwear into the dryer. Heat from the dryer will cause fabric to lose its shape and significantly cut into the life of the garment.

Please keep in mind that perfume and other liquids have the potential to permanently stain silk apparel. For this reason, we recommend applying scent before you put on your lingerie.

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