A Tropical Affair

About our Retail Store

Our Santa Barbara Flagship Store

Our Santa Barbara flagship store is the owner’s dream come to life. Located in the heart of downtown just off the main strip (to provide a little privacy for our customers), our store offers a mini–vacation with every visit. It is light and happy — filled with bamboo furnishings, pink and yellow striped silk cabanas, and chandeliers dripping with shells.

The store carries a wide variety of product, including nice, naughty, swim, cruise, and accessories. We carry wonderful lines that are not available in most department stores. Our swimwear collections are carefully selected for their ability to be worn anywhere, from your hometown to the Bahamas, Las Vegas, and Palm Springs. We are your one–stop shop before any holiday or honeymoon.

We hire fun, knowledgeable individuals who love and use the products we sell. Our staff will never try to sell you the latest gimmicky bra; they are trained to listen to your needs and help you find products that suit your lifestyle, whether in love, lust, or preparing for a trip to the beach.

And because we love men who love women, we have created a small haven for them as well. No matter what their level of comfort when buying lacy presents, men tell us they like shopping at A Tropical Affair because it is like visiting a resort rather than a woman’s boudoir. And when shopping wears the poor dears out, they can relax in our man chairs, watch Elvis or Marilyn Monroe movies, and admire all the effort that goes in to being a girl.

We are the cute little store you hope to discover during your stay in Santa Barbara so you can bring something special home. Please visit us at 12 East Cota Street and treat yourself to a happy extravagance. If you’re far away and unable to visit, you can always contact us. We’d love to hear from you.

A Tropical Affair Retail Store
12 East Cota Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Telephone: (805) 730–1625
Facsimile: (805) 730–1622
Map & Directions

Store Hours:
11–6 Monday — Saturday
11–5 Sunday


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